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my brain’s cawk blawking me

26 Feb

You’d think that as someone who doesn’t shut up and constantly wants attention that I would have more to post on this blog. I unfortunately find myself with extreme writer’s block, however. I have so many topics and thoughts floating around in my head, but can’t sit still for a moment long enough to actually put down a cohesive piece about any of them, or I can’t think of enough to write about a single subject.

I think I’m in a bit of a funk in several aspects of my life, so I’m hoping that as a little bit of time passes and I can get settled back into old routines and feeling like myself a little bit more, I will be able to get some words to form sentences so I can post more in here. Just writing this honestly makes me feel a little bit better; it’s kind of therapeutic. A nice release, despite there being no point to what I’m saying right now.

It would be nice if I could just wake up tomorrow and have a ton of really insightful thoughts on a specific subject that I could elaborate on for this blog. All ten fingers and eleven toes* crossed that I can get past this writer’s block and think of some narsty shit to write for allayallz.

For now, enjoy these pics of Quvenzhan√© Wallis fist pumping at the Oscars. I haven’t seen “Beasts of the Southern Wild”, but I absolutely plan to after witnessing how incredible she is throughout this entire award season.

I aspire to become her.

I aspire to become her.


*I don’t have eleven toes. Sorry for lying to you all.