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just the deadliest snatch

21 Mar

If there is one thing I am more sick of than knowing about the fact that Rihanna is back in a “committed” relationship with her abuser, Chris Brown, it’s the fact that I read about their relationship on a daily basis. My nemesis, Perez Hilton, is continuously updating the public on what is happening between the two, and also what is happening between Chris Brown and other women, because apparently there are multiple women dumb enough to be interested in that piece of shit.

When I think about their relationship, I continuously lose respect for Rihanna and I just hate Chris Brown more and more, if that is even possible. I have thankfully never been in a situation where I have been domestically abused, so I know that I cannot possibly know what happens to one’s psyche after an experience like that, but I just can’t help but get mad when I think about the fact that Rihanna would be with someone and continue to love someone who seriously almost killed her. Not only that, but he brags that he will always “own” Rihanna because she is “sexy as fuck”. That’s really respectful, definitely seems like a person you’d want to be involved with.

Chris Brown is really just the shit under my shoe to me. I do not think that he is talented, so I don’t understand why he keeps getting any recognition from the music industry. His career should absolutely be dead. Instead, Rihanna’s career is going to suffer more than his, because she’s the one who took him back. How about we just shun him so we never have to hear him speak or look at him again? He’s a second-rate Usher, not as talented, and he can dance, but that doesn’t make me want to listen to his music, which sounds like everything else out there today. And do not get me started on the tweets he sent to comedian Jenny Johnson. While she clearly came out on top, he just showed the world YET AGAIN, that he is still a misogynistic piece of shit who has learned nothing from what he’s done. I just have absolutely no respect for someone as lowly as that. Chris Brown is just like a bratty child who thinks he can do whatever he wants and there will be no repercussions for his actions. Based off of his sentencing or whatever for attacking Rihanna, which was really minimal, I’d have to say that unfortunately seems to be true. Stupid little shit gets to go on being a dick and continues getting everything he wants and then some more. It’s disgusting.

But, what I really wonder about when I think about them together and knowing that Rihanna has said recently in an interview that she would like to have babies with Chris Brown, is what the fuck is she going to tell her children when they inevitably find out what daddy has done to mommy? And their union would not just be a regular, run of the mill, average mommy and daddy; they are a celebrity couple, always in the public eye. These poor children are going to know every detail of what happened between their parents, and what is Rihanna supposed to tell them about it? That mommy somehow forgave daddy for almost killing her? That daddy says misogynistic and hateful things because he’s ignorant and doesn’t know better? I don’t like the idea that people automatically make celebrities out to be role models just because they’re in the public eye because unless you’re on the Disney channel, I don’t think that should be a requirement. However, this is just ridiculous. Rihanna is basically saying that it’s all right to take back someone who almost murdered her because she loves him. That’s just terrible, that makes it seem like everything Chris Brown has done to her is all right. And then Chris Brown wants everyone to forget about what happened. Well, Chris, why don’t we think before we act and then we won’t have to continuously discuss how you’re the shittiest person to ever exist and you’re almost a murderer? It just seems like he acts and then later gets mad at people for not forgetting what he’s done. He’s just stupid.

But back to this “role model” thing. If you’re planning to have children with someone who has brutally beat you, it just seems irresponsible. It’s not like these children would be accidental at this point, so you are signing on to be their guardian and teach them right from wrong. Will Rihanna be teaching her children that what daddy did is wrong? Or will she allow them to live in the Chris Brown bubble, where they are told to forget everything he did and move on? Either way, I’m grossed out by the idea of the two of these people procreating. I’m more grossed out by the idea of Chris Brown procreating in general. One of him is more than enough. There is no need for us to have more of that mediocre hack.

Really quickly, I’d like to add that I think it’s repulsive that any celebrities have encouraged these two singers getting back together. I feel like Oprah publicly did, not in the exact words of saying “Rihanna and Chris should be together”, but she made a comment about Rihanna doing what she feels she needs to do and it’s her life or something. Just add this to the list of reasons why I hate Oprah. I also dislike that Jay Z was the one who suggested they collaborate on those shit singles “Nobody’s Business” and “Birthday Cake”. Also, I think it’s repulsive that there are girls out there who say they would let Chris Brown beat them up if he kissed them after. I am so nervous for the future generations to come, who instead of being taught about violence against women are learning to laugh and make fun of it instead. It’s just disgusting, and I can’t handle it.

So those are just some thoughts on Rihanna and Chris Brown’s unfortunate excuse for a relationship. I hate everything about it.