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love means never having to say you’re sorry

23 Mar

Since I’m bored and feel the need to procrastinate before doing anything (the case today is that I know I need to work out, but I just discovered that a “Real World” marathon of the first season of Las Vegas is on, and that’s the first season I ever watched so I HAVE to watch it again now), I’ve decided to read through my old posts on this blog. I want to send out a formal and sincere apology to anyone who actually reads this and has read my older posts through my newer ones. I apologize because reading these old posts, I see that I was much better at writing about a month ago and also had much more personality while writing. Not sure what’s happened to me in the past month or so, but my last four posts were pretty poorly written and poorly researched, and I was kind of just rambling, which is what I always do, but I was not nearly as endearing while rambling as I usually am (I guess that’s what happens when you sloppily write four posts on completely different subjects in less than an hour). I think that it’s because all I am passionate about right now is drag queens and “RuPaul’s Drag Race”, but I know there’s only a limited amount of posts I can write on the subject before people start to ignore me entirely. Sad, but I feel that’s true.

So this is my cassette I’m sending out, I hope you hear it. Wait, sorry, just thought I was Stan in the Eminem smash hit “Stan” for a second. But seriously, sorry for the lackluster writing on my part. Guess I’m lucky that no one reads this poor excuse for a blog, otherwise I’d have some pretty pissed off followers on my hand.

I solemnly promise to try to get out of the funk I’ve been in so I can return to the self-depricating but so wonderfully adorable blogger I once was. Take this as a token of my sincerity:

Now you KNOW I mean business.

Now you KNOW I mean business.

my brain’s cawk blawking me

26 Feb

You’d think that as someone who doesn’t shut up and constantly wants attention that I would have more to post on this blog. I unfortunately find myself with extreme writer’s block, however. I have so many topics and thoughts floating around in my head, but can’t sit still for a moment long enough to actually put down a cohesive piece about any of them, or I can’t think of enough to write about a single subject.

I think I’m in a bit of a funk in several aspects of my life, so I’m hoping that as a little bit of time passes and I can get settled back into old routines and feeling like myself a little bit more, I will be able to get some words to form sentences so I can post more in here. Just writing this honestly makes me feel a little bit better; it’s kind of therapeutic. A nice release, despite there being no point to what I’m saying right now.

It would be nice if I could just wake up tomorrow and have a ton of really insightful thoughts on a specific subject that I could elaborate on for this blog. All ten fingers and eleven toes* crossed that I can get past this writer’s block and think of some narsty shit to write for allayallz.

For now, enjoy these pics of Quvenzhan√© Wallis fist pumping at the Oscars. I haven’t seen “Beasts of the Southern Wild”, but I absolutely plan to after witnessing how incredible she is throughout this entire award season.

I aspire to become her.

I aspire to become her.


*I don’t have eleven toes. Sorry for lying to you all.

do my entries actually need titles? i don’t feel like thinking of one

7 Jan

I figured that I should start blogging because I should become the next Carrie Bradshaw. Only without the sex and without the city, but with all of the same self-obsessiveness and lack of caring about others that we have come to know and love about Carrie. So essentially everything I say will be less interesting than anything Carrie said, and there will also be less puns and existential questions. Really, I’m giving you all shit. Enjoy!

Oh, also, I dislike myself far more than Carrie disliked herself. But really, I dislike myself as much as Carrie should have disliked herself. I have a feeling she liked herself to a weird excessive degree and that concerns me. They’re called flaws, Carrie. Realize yours and work on them so we can all move on.

PS to my zero readers out there, I started this blog for a Youth and Democracy class I took at UMass. The first five entries are about something I wrote about for that, so if you’re ever in the mood to read insightful thoughts on MTV and “Jersey Shore”, make sure to hit those posts up.

Who says MTV isn’t “music television” anymore? That’s all they blog about

10 Apr

On my quest to observe and study other other blogs, I decided to begin my search by looking up blogs created by and pertaining to MTV. I found three blogs from the MTV website, but also two just about shows that MTV airs or “issues” that MTV would touch upon. These “issues” were not so much issues that would pertain to viewers themselves, but more celebrity-related “news stories”.

Something I found very interesting was the way that MTV.com divides up its stories that are blogged about. I looked at three separate pages, one entitled “Newsroom”, one called “Buzzworthy” and the third “Remote Control”. While “Remote Control” is clearly about MTV television shows (you could guess that from the title of the blog), the other two titles are more misleading and confusing than one would think. “Buzzworthy” is the less confusing and misleading of the two; it is all about the most recent MTV gossip, aka information about musicians and their new cds and singles and whatnot. There are actually three posts about Justin Bieber on the first page alone. Apparently, there is that much important new information about him that needs to be shared immediately.

I prefer baby Bieber over slightly-grown up Bieber.

Now, the confusion sets in. You would think that “Newsroom” would be about actual news: world issues, issues pertaining to the youth that watch MTV, information other than news about Britney Spears’ unreleased music. Oh wait, sorry, is that third suggestion not actually considered news? One would think, but the latter of that statement is exactly what “Newsroom” is about. The first article I encountered was about Britney’s unreleased music. The next entry was about Katy Perry’s new cd. What I do not understand is how MTV.com differentiates between what is “Buzzworthy” and what is from the “Newsroom”. Both are essentially about what musicians are doing recently, and nothing that would actually be considered “news”.

Britney will always be relevant.

Now, back to the “Remote Control” blog. After reading through several entries, I came to the realization that it is in fact the most insightful of the three MTV blogs. While it does indeed discuss MTV television shows, it also discusses what the “actors” or participants in those shows are doing. There is an entry about social activist Dan Savage traveling across America to tell teenagers to “embrace their inner awkwardness”. There is an entry that discusses “Jersey Shore” star Vinny Guadagnino’s new book about his struggle with anxiety and desire to live in the moment. All of this gives me hope for this “new” MTV, that is trying to be more socially conscious. However, this area of the blog is also filled with complete fluff information, such as a behind the scenes look at the show “Fantasy Factory”, which is mostly just the crew messing around, and a picture of “Jersey Shore”‘s Jenni “JWoww” Farley’s dog, that has recently been dyed purple/blue (for reasons completely unknown to me).

Can anyone explain why this happened or why it is vital that I know about it?

This search through MTV and MTV related blogs just brought me back to the conclusion I already had figured out when first doing research for this blog: MTV walks away from important social issues in favor of telling the audience about celebrities and their own shows. MTV is reaching such a widespread age group and audience and I feel that they have much more of an obligation than they realize to talk about real issues that America’s youth are facing today. Nothing in these blogs I read touched upon Generation Debt; it is being virtually ignored by MTV’s programming and blogging. So for a station that is so devoted to its audience and what the audience wants to watch, shouldn’t they be doing more to inform that audience of what is happening around them?