blast from the past

23 Jan

So, this previous summer, my dear brother Brian decided to buy a website domain and asked if I would post some blog entries for him about random pop culture shit that popped into my head. I wrote five entries in total for him (one of which did not make it to his website), before we both kind of forgot about the website and carried on with our lives. So, I told Brian that I was interested in writing for his website again because I needed to get my creative juices flowing. He told me he would find the password for the website again and get things up and running.

Well, Brian and I worked on a voiceover special for Halloween which he posted to his website. I went to check the website to give it a listen, and it turns out, he deleted my entire page off of his site. As one could assume, this is annoying as fuck. Yes, I have the documents saved on my computer (new computer, actually. Files transferred over like a boss), but unfortunately, they didn’t save exactly as they had appeared on my blog there due to the formatting differences and the fact that I didn’t post the links I was referencing on the actual word documents (I’m stupid).

Long story short (not really, since I just told you the entire story in those first two paragraphs), I am going to repost those entries onto this blog, because I was kind of proud of them and I entertained myself with my extremely profound insight into the world of sitcoms and television of the 80’s and 90’s.

So, the next five posts are all going to be ones that I wrote a while ago. I might edit them to fit the context of this blog better, but really, who knows? It’ll be a last minute decision. I’m a procrastinator, it’s what we do. But, I figured it’s best to get that work back out there on the internet for no one to read again. Enjoy!


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